Interested In Becoming a Partner HMIS Agency?

Requests to utilize the Santa Clara County HMIS should be in written form and required documents must be provided and sent to Once all the required forms have been received you will be contacted with next steps and the status of your request. 


New Agency Set-Up & Implementation Documents

SCC HMIS Partner Agency Agreement Form

Notes about the Partner Agency Agreement

  • You should return the signed Agreement to SCC Bitfocus System Administration team. When we receive your Agreement, we will forward to the county and let you know when it has been signed. 
  • At the Board of Supervisors’ request and the advice of County Counsel, this Agreement is a standard agreement.
  • Please leave the “Effective Date” on page 1 blank. OSH will fill that in.

 Technical Administrator and Security Officer Agreement

Notes about the Technical Administrator and Security Officer Agreement

  • The role of Technical Administrator and the role of Security Officer are two different roles. Depending on how your agency is structured, the size of your organization, and how roles and responsibilities are divided, these may be fulfilled by one person, or they may be fulfilled by two (or more) people. In order to gain access to HMIS, we must have a signed form returned for each of these roles. If you are one person fulfilling two roles, you may submit just one form with both boxes checked.
  • You should return the signed Agreement(s) to Bitfocus SCC System Administration team. When we receive  your Agreement, we will confirm with you.

End User Agreement 

Notes about End User Agreements

  • Scanned copies of the signed End User Agreements should be emailed to the Bitfocus Help Desk at Those copies will be attached to the user’s record in HMIS.
  • Once the agency and end user documentation requirements have been met, Bitfocus will contact each user to let them know when their account has been set up.

Once you receive notification your Agency has been approved, you may immediately sign up your staff for Training. Only have staff sign up for training once your agency has completed the Application process at Schedule a Training