Santa Clara County offers the following Clarity Human Services (HMIS) trainings, which are required for ALL HMIS users:

  1. Online Clarity General Training (prerequisite for account creation)
  2. Pre-recorded SCC HMIS Client Consent Training (prerequisite for account creation and is required on an annual basis)
  3. In-Person SCC VI-SPDAT Training*

*Users MUST first complete (1) Clarity General Training and (2)SCC HMIS Client Consent Training. The in-person (3) SCC VI-SPDAT Training registration is available here.*If VI-SPDAT training is not completed within two months of HMIS account creation, access will be suspended until the VI-SPDAT training is completed.”

UPLIFT Training is available for all users who request UPLIFT transit passes for their clients. UPLIFT training is mandatory. Users must complete training before they will be authorized to request UPLIFT passes. Watch the training video and fill out a certification of completion by going to the UPLIFT Training page. For questions about HMIS training, please contact

Register for Clarity General Training

All Clarity Human Services users are required to complete Clarity General Training before they will be granted access to the system.Clarity General Training is offered via a learning management software as needed either for the first time or as a refresher. Sign up by clicking the relevant link below.

Clarity General Training is a recorded training, required for all new Clarity end users. Users will receive login credentials after they have registered and completed the training including all quizzes.  For more information on signup/registration and completion please click HERE.

Clarity General Training

Register HERE

Register for HMIS Client Consent Training

All SCC HMIS Users must take the HMIS Client Consent Training once per year as part their agencies’ signed Agreement and to comply with HUD HMIS regulations.  Please click the link below to set up a Bitfocus Academy account, access the training, and complete the required quiz.

SCC HMIS Client Consent Training

Register Here

Register for VI-SPDAT Training

All SCC HMIS Users must take the VI-SPDAT Training within 60 days of acquiring HMIS access to prevent deactivation of HMIS account.  Please click the link below to register for an upcoming training.

VI-SPDAT Training

Register Here