This page provides various resources and/or documents that have been shared by other Agencies that we think you will find useful and informative. Please note this is not a comprehensive list and items included here have been provided by specific agencies that wished to share in these resources with the rest of the community.

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Safe Parking

SPANISH lots-of-love-sa_44382848 (2)
Promotion Flyer English (5)
Promotion Flyer Spanish (6)

Community Assistance

Free Tax Help SHCS_EngSpn
Wellness Center

Employment Assistance

Employment Op1
Employment Ops
Employment Catholic Charities
Employment Program
Job Description
Job Description - North Community Support Manager
Job Description - Crisis Intervention Coordinator
Job Description - Community Support Advocate (Central)
Job Description - Community Support Advocate (Central) - Bilingual
Bilingual Crisis Intervention Advocate - Job Description

Housing Opportunities

BHC TriFold 2.14.20
BHC Overview 2.14.2020
BHC Application 2.14.20.

Veteran Services/Information

Veteran Servies1
Veteran Services

Recovery Services

Recovery Services

Please note these are resources provided by JobTrain. You can check them out at or follow this link to see available job postings

Click on this link to download the Newly Revised Referral Form for further individualized assistance for clients in need.