Running and managing reports within the Clarity Human Services is a simple and easy process. Follow the link below to access the Clarity Human Services Online Help Portal.

Reporting Information for Staff and Case Managers

How to Run a Report

There are occasions when a request for HMIS data requires specific details and information beyond the scope of the reports available in HMIS Reporting Library. In these instances, a data request may be sent to the System Administration team at Bitfocus. Follow the link below to access the SCC HMIS Data Request Form.

HMIS Data Requests for Agency Leads and Technical Administrators

SCC HMIS Data Request Form

Data Integration Framework

The icons below contain information about the management and technical features of a Data Integration Project in Santa Clara County. First read the information provided under the Project Management Icon and the Exporting Tools icon, then submit a Data Integration Request Form to Bitfocus under the Technical Support icon to get started!