Bitfocus offers a comprehensive online Help Center to guide end users through the Clarity Human Services system.

Note that this Help Center is equipped with a search function, making it easy to find answers.

End User Help Center

The End User Help Center is geared towards the end user. It provides detailed step-by-step instructions for common tasks end users conduct within the system.

This wiki is dynamic – It is consistently updated in response to feature updates. The Bitfocus staff welcomes client input regarding the content of the wiki.

This training site is designed to mirror the live site with the exception that client level information is fictitious. Please note you should not enter any actual client level data into this instance.

Please use the following link to view next steps in how to further access the training site: SCC HMIS Clarity Training Site User Guide

The goal of this training is to walk you through the workflow process of enrolling and exiting a client into the Entry/Exit Shelter.

Please note you will need to register to access the training. This is not a required training.

Please note you will need to register to access the training. This is not a required training.

Register for Clarity Data Analysis Training

Data Analysis training is limited to users with a Clarity Human Services Agency Manager license. An overview of how the data is structured in Clarity Data Analysis and how to use the Clarity Data Analysis interface will be reviewed.

This is a pre-recorded webinar which covers basic skills. We recommend that users view this webinar as a first step to mastering Clarity Data Analysis.

Before viewing the webinar, please confirm with your system administrator or agency lead to determine whether you need access to Clarity Data Analysis.

Please click on the image above to be rerouted to the training page. Please note you will need to sign in to access the training.

Data Analysis Support

Watched the Clarity Human Services: Introduction to Reports and want additional support? We offer half hour support sessions with our support agents. To book a session, use the link below to book a time! NOTE: Data Analysis support sessions are limited to 2 sessions per person per month.

Book a time: HERE

Clarity Human Services: Frequently Asked Questions

We’re excited to offer this course! Our sole intent in offering this course is to get you answers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is easy to learn. Here we answer questions that would typically result in a ticket through our Help Desk. We find that offering these resources ad hoc gives our users the ability to find answers quickly.

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