Starting March 21, 2016, UPLIFT referrals will be made using Clarity HMIS. Learn how to make UPLIFT referrals for your clients here.

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Submit Certification of Completion


What is UPLIFT?

The Universal Pass for Life Improvement From Transportation (UPLIFT) Program provides quarterly Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) transit passes for adults experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of losing their housing due to lack of transportation. The goal of UPLIFT is to help people get housing or employment by improving access to public transit. The program, a partnership between and subsidized by the County of Santa Clara, VTA, and the City of San Jose, is operated at no cost to the clients or referring organizations.

Referrals to UPLIFT will be made using Clarity HMIS. UPLIFT Training is required for all users requesting UPLIFT transit passes and is offered via the recorded webinar at the top of this page. Please also be sure to fill out a certification of completion.

For more information about UPLIFT, please contact the UPLIFT administrator at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: Yes. As long as you will be providing case management services to the client for at least part of the quarter, you can request a transit pass for them.
A: A pdf of the intake questions is posted on this page (in the Resources section).

A: No, these forms are no longer required. Instead of the paper intake form, please make sure that the client signs an HMIS Release of Information (ROI). You can get the form on the Client Forms tab on this website: under the Forms for Client Intake section, look for the “Client Consent To Data Collection And ROI”.

If it is helpful to have a paper version of the intake form, a pdf of the intake is posted on this page (in the Resources section). However, filling out a paper intake form is NOT required.

A: No, if the client is housed, you do not need to complete the VI-SPDAT for them.

Please note that the only clients who are housed and eligible for UPLIFT are clients enrolled in PSH programs or formerly homeless clients who were permanently housed and this is their first quarter after being housed.

A: Yes, pdf versions of the VI-SPDAT are available on the Client Forms tab on this website under the “VI-SPDAT” section.

A: We highly encourage clients to complete the VI-SPDAT. However, if the client refuses to complete the VI-SPDAT, we respect that client’s right and they can still receive UPLIFT. In that case, please email to let us know.

You do NOT need to create a VI-SPDAT and enter “client refused” for every VI-SPDAT question.

A: Your agency’s main UPLIFT contact will need to email and let them know that you are cleared for UPLIFT access. Once that is completed, the County will contact Bitfocus to give you access to UPLIFT. Please note, in addition to the UPLIFT training, you will need to have a Clarity HMIS account. You can get an account by following these steps:

  1. Attend a Clarity General training (Sign up here)
  2. Watch the SCC HMIS Client Consent Training and fill out the “Submit Certification of Completion” (Watch the video here)
  3. Fill out and sign an End User Agreement (Find the form here)
  4. Ask your agency’s Technical Administrator to sign the End User Agreement and submit it to
A: To request a lost or stolen badge, create a Status Assessment for your client. This Status Assessment must be accompanied by an email to detailing the reason why your client needs another UPLIFT pass for this quarter. Clients will not be able to have their pass replaced more than once per quarter, and we reserve the right to not replace a client’s badge if we see fit.

A: If you incorrectly answered the enrollment questions (e.g. selected the incorrect quarter):

  1. Switch to the UPLIFT agency
  2. Go to the client’s UPLIFT program enrollment
  3. Click the Enrollment tab
  4. Update the answers and click “Save”
  5. Email that the changes have been made

If you requested a badge and did not upload a photo (or the photo was unusable):

  1. Upload a new photo into the client’s Profile screen
  2. Email when the photo has been successfully uploaded

If you requested UPLIFT and the client does not have an ROI:

  1. Upload an ROI
  2. Email when it has been uploaded

If you requested a sticker only, but now you also need a badge (with no sticker on it):

  1. Switch to the UPLIFT agency
  2. Go to the client’s UPLIFT program enrollment
  3. Create a Status Update Assessment
  4. Review the information and change the type of transit pass to “Badge only”
  5. Email that you have completed the status assessment

If you enrolled a client in UPLIFT but they NEVER received ANY SERVICES and they no longer need UPLIFT:

  1. Email or and we can delete the enrollment