Date: Thursday, April 4th, 2019
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place: Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1
Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the presentation are here:

04. April Agency Admin Meeting

Please use this link to download the slide deck.


  • CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT
  • HMIS Newsletter
  • Housing Inventory Count (HIC) / Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) 
  • Special Guest Speaker: Elisha Heruty (OSH)
  • User Survey Results Comparison
  • Continuous Data Quality Improvement – CDQI
  • Reminders
  • Next Month’s Meeting

CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT


Upcoming Meetings

  • Prioritization Subcommittee – Thursday, April 25th, 1-3pm
  • CAWG Meeting – Thursday, May 9th, 1-2:30pm, location TBD
  • PMWG Meeting – Friday, April 12, 10-11:30am at Alliance Credit Union


  • HUD is saying they are on track to release the NOFA in early May, e-snaps will be available in mid-May.  The consolidated (community-wide) application would be due in late August.
  • Timeline is subject to change, but we expect a release sometime in May. 
  • NOFA committee met three times over the past several months and have made recommended changes to the Renewal and New Project scoring tools.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the NOFA committee.


  • Unsheltered TA being provided by HUD. This effort will continue over the next couple of years.  TA providers will be onsite next week and will be joining outreach teams and visiting a couple of shelters.  Contact Kathryn if you have any questions about this technical assistance project.
  • Annual Supportive Housing System Report will be released next month.  We are planning an event on May 17th, in coordination with Affordable Housing week. We’ll send info out via the CoC listserve.


  • We currently distributed 1870 UPLIFT Passes so far
  • Replacement period will begin May 1st ,2019 (5/1/19)
  • Allocation Pool period begins (May  1st)
    • Please note allocation limits is only for the 1st month of the quarter, which after all left over stickers will be pooled for a first come first serve.
  • Reminder: Staff that come pick up passes, MUST date and sign for each envelope picked up.
  • Contact UPLIFT (408-793-1832) and/or  if you don’t receive any communication from UPLIFT on the  requests after 5 (five) working days.

HMIS Newsletter

Will be sent out monthly to all HMIS users

March 2019 Newsletter included:

  • Coordinated Assessment-Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together
  • SCC Client Consent Training Debrief
  • HMIS in the Community: Coordinated Assessment Work Group
  • It’s That Time Again! 2019 HUD System Performance Measures Reporting
  • Report Spotlight: [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
  • Upcoming Events
  • Bitfocus is Hiring!

Web link to the newsletter

Housing Inventory Count (HIC)/Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA)

Thanks to everyone for helping with the Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point In Time Count (PIT)!

Bitfocus and OSH will continue to review the HIC and PIT data this month to complete the report by the April 30th due date, and may reach out with any last questions.

LSA Background

In the past, CoCs would submit the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) on an annual basis. The AHAR is a national-level report that provides information about homeless service providers and people and households experiencing homelessness. It informs strategic planning for federal, state, and local initiatives designed to prevent and end homelessness.

This year, HUD redesigned the AHAR report and replaced it with the Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) report. The LSA was due in late Nov/early Dec and cover the federal fiscal year of 10/1/17 – 9/30/18.

LSA Updates

  • HUD has given us a list of errors and warnings of data that may be incorrect in our LSA report.
  • We are making corrections and reaching out to agencies with questions on specific programs.
  • Questions are mainly regarding
    • Inventory especially subpopulations – e.g., chronic homeless, veterans, youth
    • Utilization
    • Length of stay
  • Please let us know if inventory updates are needed or if you think there is a reason for long/short average length of stay

Special Guest Speaker: Elisha Heruty (OSH)

A big thank you to Elisha for being our guest speaker this month. She provided insight into the Coordinated Assessment System and explained the Community Queue and prioritization process in Santa Clara County.

For questions or issues related to the CAS, please contact Elisha Heruty at

User Survey Results Comparison

  • We received 105 responses to the 2019 survey (compared to 116 responses in 2018 and 73 responses in 2016)
  • Majority of survey participants identify as Case Managers/Client Services

    2019: 38.10%

    2018: 48.00%

    2016: 36.99%

  • Takeaways
    • Reporting: More training needed on what reports are available and how to find them, reporting on households is challenging
    • Data Entry: Reporting/tracking non-HUD-required items are important for some agencies, many users use multiple data systems so streamlined data entry is important
    • Trainings: Make sure to follow up on questions, potential for improvement
    • Adjust survey questions to include a place to add contact information if the user wants follow-up
  • Additional Commentary
    • More training on how to pull demographic information from Clarity

    • Let Bitfocus know if there was something included in the anonymous survey that should be addressed

    • There was some confusion around the top set of tabs and the bottom set of tabs

  • Feedback
  • What trainings would be helpful for users at your agency?
    • Gaps between general training and agency specific training-recommend internal HMIS training to fill in gaps

    • Training on using cell phones/iPad to enter data

    • Time between general training and using Clarity is too long and often times requires staff do “refreshers” to recall the necessary steps and/or requirements in data entry

    • Training around adding children to the “group” which is often missed unlike adding them to the household

Continuous Data Quality Improvement – CDQI

Data Quality Plan  (link)

Data quality is a term that refers to the reliability and validity of client-level data in HMIS. It is measured by the extent to which data in the system reflects actual information in the real world. With good data quality, a Continuum of Care can accurately tell its story of the individuals and families it serves.

  • In general, Agency Administrators  should evaluate and correct data quality quarterly using the following schedule:
  • First month of quarter: begin data quality review, focused on ensuring the correct number of clients are enrolled and there are no null values. Make corrections as needed.
  • Second month of quarter: review data to verify accuracy of data compared other records. For example, ensure that veteran status data entered into Clarity is correct
  • Third month of quarter: assess agency workflow to identify process improvements that may help ensure high quality data is consistently entered into system.- share your experience with OSH Managers and Bitfocus!
  • Second month of quarter: review data to verify accuracy of data compared other records.

  • Helpful Reports: Are my households configured correctly?
    • [GNRL-240] Program Household Served Report
    • Update Household Configuration


Exiting Clients from Program and/or Head of Household 

SCC Exit Document (4.2019)


Client Privacy Recertification

For any staff still needing to complete the recertification, please have them follow this link for the training video

Staff will need to take the 10 question quiz, and pass with a score of 80%

Once quiz is passed there is no need to retake until the following year

Access to HMIS

For any new staff that need access to HMIS please note they will need to complete the following REQUIRED trainings

  1. Online Clarity General Training (prerequisite for account creation)
  2. Pre-recorded SCC HMIS Client Consent Training (prerequisite for account creation)
  3. In-Person SCC VI-SPDAT Training*

*Users MUST first complete (1) Clarity General Training and (2)SCC HMIS Client Consent Training. The in-person (3) SCC VI-SPDAT Training registration is available here.*If VI-SPDAT training is not completed within two months of HMIS account creation, access will be suspended until the VI-SPDAT training is completed.”

Upcoming Data Literacy Institute Workshop

DLI Workshop

Register for upcoming DLI Workshop here. 

Next Agency Admin Meeting

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 from 1:30-3:30pm

Meeting Location:

600 Valley Way, Room 1 

Milpitas, CA 95035

Dates and locations for 2019 meetings are listed on the OSH website:

Bitfocus Contact Information

Bitfocus System Administration Team: 

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