Date:  Thursday, December 1, 2016
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place:  Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1

Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the meeting can be found here:


Please use this link to download slide deck if desired.


  1. CoC/Coordinated Entry/UPLIFT Updates
  2. OSH capacity/utilization reporting
  3. Check-in about CDQI action items (see below for more details)
  4. Inclement Weather Data Tracking

CoC/Coordinated Entry/UPLIFT Updates

  1. Annual Privacy Training is required
    1. Bitfocus will create a link so that you can recertify that you’ve completed the training on the site
    2. Privacy Training will be updated in future to be more interactive
  2. SPDAT Training
    1. SPDAT is different from the VI-SPDAT, used for case management
    2. There will be a training available on Dec 9, run by Michelle Covert (details was sent out to the CoC grantee list, contact Michelle if interested)
    3. CCP programs required to complete the SPDAT quarterly
    4. SPDAT is available in Clarity
  3. Coordinated Assessment
    1. First annual evaluation starting at OSH, looking at HMIS data & will conduct surveys to participating agencies
  4. Point In Time Count (1/24 and 1/25)
    1. Flyer will be emailed out to recruit volunteers, need about 400 volunteers
    2. Signing up to volunteer is easy (online form)
    3. Training will be required (1-1.5 hours)
    4. Please sign up and help recruit volunteers!
    5. 3-4 more planning meetings will occur (meeting reminders will be emailed out)
  5. UPLIFT – passes for Jan-Mar will be available for request in mid-Dec, exact date TBA

OSH capacity/utilization reporting

  1. OSH will be running a monthly capacity and utilization report out of HMIS
  2. Goal – monitor utilization
  3. OSH (Leila) will be contacting agencies to verify information for the first few months – after that, the information in HMIS will be used as is
  4. Agencies have until the 5th following the end of the month to have their data up-to-date in HMIS
    1. Continuous Data Quality Process has a guideline of 3 business days to have data entry completed
    2. Please make sure your data is up-to-date in HMIS by the 5th!
  5. Reports will be released publicly
  6. Leila will also be running monthly utilization reports focused on Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing and contacting agencies specifically about these programs as well

Check-in about CDQI action items

  1. Continuous Data Quality Improvement Process document is on (see Announcements section)
  2. Data Quality components: Completeness, Accuracy, Timeliness
  3. Last month: focused on Completeness
    1. No more than 5% Don’t Know/Refused responses for all data elements except for SSN and Destination (30% for Shelter/Outreach programs)
    2. Got a lot of great feedback at last month’s Agency Admin meeting, working towards improving the process
  4. This month: focus on Accuracy
    1. With HIC/PIT coming up, focus will be on program set-up information in HMIS
    2. Please review spreadsheet emailed out by Bitfocus and review the following for accuracy:
      1. Program name and type (e.g. ES, TH, etc)
      2. Geo Code (use the Geo Code for the program’s location – please fill this out if you can! For scattered site programs, use the County code. If not sure, let us know the city/area.)
      3. Inventory type (Current – available before 2016 and still open, New – started in 2016, Under Development – will be available in 2017)
      4. TH unit type (for transitional housing)
      5. ES bed type (for emergency shelter only, facility based or voucher based)
      6. Target populations (two types: A = household type, B = DV/HIV/NA)
      7. Whether you receive McKinney-Vento Funding (i.e. HUD CoC or ESH-funded)
      8. Whether you receive other federal funding
    3. On spreadsheet, mark the “Agency Verified” column for every program at your agency (spreadsheet is set to Comment-Only – add comments where needed)
    4. Every column on the spreadsheet needs to be verified
    5. Services Only and Outreach programs are not included
    6. Please complete review by Jan 5 (next Agency Admin meeting)
    7. Things to keep in mind
      1. Let us know if any new housing/shelter programs have come online during calendar year 2016
      2. If any programs closed during calendar year (or if there are changes in the program name)
      3. Leave a comment in any cell that needs to be changed (Bitfocus will make the actual change)
      4. Let Bitfocus know when you’ve completed reviewing the spreadsheet

Inclement Weather Data Tracking

  1. Inclement Weather Programs are available in Clarity for participating agencies
    1. Tracking data in Clarity is optional.
    2. Agencies who decide to track Inclement Weather clients in Clarity should follow instructions provided by Bitfocus (e.g. use the separate inclement weather programs)
    3. Contact Bitfocus if you are considering tracking this data in Clarity
  2. As in past years, agencies will need to submit their Inclement Weather numbers to Bob Dolci following the instructions he will send you