Date:  Thursday, December 7, 2017
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place:  Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1
Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the meeting can be found here:

12. December Agency Admin Meeting (1)

Please use this link to download slide deck if desired. 


  1. CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT Updates
  2. AHAR Submission Update
  3. Document Translation Update
  4. Clarity Human Services Feature Updates
  5. Two Factor Authentication
  6. Client Privacy Recertification
  7. OSH Dashboard
  8. CDQI: Data Timeliness Discussion
  9. Housing Inventory Count (HIC)
  10. Inclement Weather

CoC Updates & OSH Dashboard – Kathryn

  • Coordinated Assessment
    • Youth and Vets TH programs will be included in coordinated entry beginning Jan. 2018
    • Coordinated assessment evaluation ongoing. Thanks to those who completed surveys or participated in focus groups
  • CoC Training: Focus on CoC Housing Grant compliance
    • Date/Time: Wednesday, Dec 13, 2018, 9:30 – 12:30pm
    • Location: Sobrato Conference Center, 600 Valley Way, Room 1, Milpitas, CA 95035
  • Office of Supportive Housing’s Supportive Housing Dashboard.  Posted at: Office of Supportive Housing website
    • PSH utilization is a little low, but generally utilization looks good
    • Returns to homelessness relatively low, which is a good thing
    • Exits to permanent housing: for Rapid Rehousing we’re slightly below target
    • Permanent Housing retention: A slightly different measure than CCP; looks good
    • Coordinated Assessment
      • Demand for programs is high, meaning that there is a steady inflow of people entering the system who need permanent housing
      • Placements into permanent housing have been steadily increasing since coordinated assessment began, but appears to be leveling off
  • Next month’s Agency Administrator Meeting will be held back-to-back with the Performance Management Workgroup meeting
    • Date: Thurs, Jan 4, 2018
    • 1:30-2:30pm: Performance Management Workgroup
    • 2:30-3:30pm: HMIS Agency Administrator Meeting
    • Location: Sobrato Conference Center, 600 Valley Way, Room 1, Milpitas, CA 95035  TBD (location will be announced closer to the meeting date)
    • All passes for current quarter have all been distributed
    • The next set of passes (Jan – Mar) can be requested beginning in mid-December

AHAR Submission Update

  • AHAR was successfully submitted by the 12/1 deadline
  • Data was confirmed on 12/4
  • Next Steps:
    • AHAR liaison will review and send any last questions
    • HUD will determine if the data is “useable” for nationwide reporting
  • Thank you everyone for your help!

Document Translation Update

Clarity Human Services Feature Updates

  • On the History tab, there is a new filter under Advanced Search Options called “Type.” You can use “Type” to filter on the client’s Assessments, Programs, Referrals, and Services.
  • In the Household Management section, the “EDIT GROUP MEMBER” pop-up for editing household information will now be labeled “EDIT GLOBAL HOUSEHOLD.”
  • Select dropdowns on the screens have been alphabetized (example: the “Mode” filter on the Referrals tab)

Two Factor Authentication

  • HMIS will require Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to log in starting mid-January 2018. 2FA allows for enhanced security system-wide to reduce risk of unauthorized user access.
  • Tentative start date: Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
  • The 2FA process will be:
    • Emailed to all HMIS users later this month
    • Reviewed at the January Agency Admin meeting
    • Reviewed today!
  • First Time Logging in with 2FA
    •  When you log in to HMIS, you will be asked whether you want to use an Authenticator App or get emailed a code
  • Option 1: Using the Authenticator App
    •  If the Authenticator App option is chosen, users will follow the instructions on the screen:
        1. Download the Authenticator App onto their mobile device
        1. Use their device to scan the code on the screen
        1. The app will show a 6-digit code that the user will type into HMIS
      1. Clicking the “Trusted Device” button means that you won’t need to enter another code for 30 days
  • Option 2: Using Email
    • If the Email option is chosen, users will be emailed a verification code that they will need to enter into HMIS in order to login in
    • Users will then type in the Verification code
    • Clicking the “Trusted Device” button means that you won’t need to enter another code for 30 days
  • How to Prepare for 2FA
    • Make sure users are aware that 2FA will be required starting in mid-January
    • Distribute instructions on how to log in using 2FA
    • If users opt to download the Authenticator application, make sure they download the application before Jan 16th:
      • Android, iOS, Blackberry: download the Google Authenticator app
        • Windows Phone: download the Microsoft Authenticator app

Client Privacy Recertification

  • Every year, HMIS users are required to retake the Client Consent training and recertify
  • Bitfocus is in the process of updating the training
  • Recertification will take place for all HMIS users in January:
    • Users will be asked to watch the Client Consent training
    • On a specific date, HMIS users will be required to fill out a recertification form the next time they log in to HMIS
  • Exact details will be announced at the January Agency Admin meeting

CDQI: Data Timeliness Discussion

  • 3 Factors for CDQI:
    • Timeliness
      • Transitional and Permanent Housing Programs: Enter all program entry/exit data within three (3) workdays.
      • Emergency Shelters and non-HUD: Enter check in/checkout within one (1) workday
      • Outreach: Create client profile, if necessary, within three (3) workdays. Record outreach services within one (1) workday.
    • Completeness
      • No missing data for required data elements. Don’t Know or Refused responses should not exceed the allowed percentages
    • Accuracy
      • Review data to make sure it is reflects real world information
  • Discussion: Should there be a cut-off time for data entry?
    • Proposal: OSH/Bitfocus needs to be informed of any entries or exits that are older than 21 days before data entry occurs
    • Questions:
      • How do agencies feel about the proposal?
      • Is 21 days the right time frame?
      • What data is important to monitor?

Housing Inventory Count (HIC)

  • The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is conducted annually in late January
  • Report is on shelter and housing programs (ES, TH, RRH, PSH), including non-participating HMIS programs (e.g. DV programs) and includes:
    • Bed/unit capacity
    • Federal funding source
    • HMIS participation
    • Location (geocode and address)
    • Other project details
    • Utilization rate based on clients in shelter/housing during one night in January (point-in-time count)
  • Please review and confirm the information about housing and shelter programs that we previously reported to HUD in THIS SPREADSHEET.  Although the spreadsheet may look intimidating at first glance, we are only asking you to look at a few elements:
    • The names of your program(s)
    • HUD Geo Codes for the geographic area(s) in which your program(s) operate
    • Inventory type (Current, New, or Under Development)
    • Housing Type
    • ES bed type (for emergency shelter programs only)
    • Target populations
    • Whether you receive McKinney-Vento Funding
    • Whether you receive other federal funding
  • Keep the following in mind while reviewing:
    • Let us know if any new housing or shelter programs have come online during calendar year 2017
    • Similarly, let us know if any programs on our list have stopped operating during calendar 2017
    • Please leave a comment in any cell where information needs to be changed (Bitfocus will make the actual change, using the information from your comment)
    • Lastly, please tell us when you have completed your review of the spreadsheet.
  • HIC: Client Data Requirements
    • All Shelter and Housing projects will need to report the actual number of clients served on one night in January. Information will be used to calculate Utilization Rates for each project.
      • PSH, RRH, and OPH (Other Permanent Housing) Projects will be based on clients housed
      • RRH bed/unit inventory will be based on housed clients
    • How you can prepare
      • Run the [GNRL-106] Program Roster and review the list of active clients
        1. Exit clients who are no longer in the project
        2. Enroll clients who are not yet in HMIS
      • RRH and PSH projects – Fill out the Housing Move-In Date for your housed clients
        • Housing Move-In Date should always be on or after the Project Start Date (if the client was housed at entry, use the Project Start Date)

Inclement Weather

  • For agencies running Inclement Weather Programs this winter season, HMIS can be used to track and report on clients served by those programs
  • Tracking data in Clarity is optional – as in past years, agencies will need to submit their Inclement Weather numbers to OSH (Michelle Covert)
  • If your agency is interested in tracking Inclement Weather Programs using HMIS, please contact Bitfocus. Bitfocus will automatically set up the same Inclement Weather Programs that used HMIS last year.
  • If your agency has Cold Weather Programs, you should have been notified by Bitfocus that your programs were set up in HMIS.