Date:  Thursday, January 5, 2017
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place:  Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1

Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the meeting can be found here:


Please use this link to download slide deck if desired.


  1. CoC/Coordinated Entry Updates
  2. UPLIFT Reminders
  3. VI-SPDAT Updated Forms Available
  4. User Account Review
  5. Check-in about CDQI Action Items – Due 1/20
  6. Overlapping Housing Services
  7. Client Summary Report & Calendar
  8. Inclement Weather Data Tracking Reminder

CoC /Coordinated Entry Updates

Winter/spring training calendar

NoFA committee starting up in February

20 million dollars  awarded to SCC – net gain of around 400K

Working groups meeting – Performance Mgmt meeting groups at HealthTrust

Coordinated Entry meeting – VI-SPDAT subcommittee was established to improved how the community implements VI-SPDAT

PIT time this month – looking for 300 volunteers and homeless guides –Jan 24-25

Shelter count is taken from HMIS – make sure your data is up to date.

UPLIFT Reminders

We have until end of Jan for requesting passes up to agency allocation.  After, first come, first serve

How to request a pass in UPLIFT? New client request – go into Clarity and enroll them into the UPLIFT program.  Make sure entry date is the day you request the pass

Returning clients – go back to the same enrollment and make a status assessment.  The Assessment date should be the date you are requesting the pass.

Every quarter you don’t have to exit – you can keep the enrollment open if needed

If there is an open enrollment and this quarter the client is not coming back, please exit them from the enrollment

Process to see status: Choose UPLIFT to Agency drop downs, go to reports library, see Pgm based report – Look at Pgrm roster report to see a list of open enrollments – there is an uplift section in Training.

Next Quarter – marks a year for UPLIFT – probably will do another training – will send information next quarter.

VI-SPDAT – Updated forms available

2 new questions – trying to get more contact information to get to the client (Is there someone you trust? Also name and number of the person completing the form)

PDF forms are updated too – in the client forms section of

User Account Review

About 10 months ago we did a review of user accounts in Clarity – Anyone to de-activate?  Another round is coming.  Email will be sent showing a list of all of your users who have not logged into Clarity in the past 6 months.  Verify if they need accounts.  Unless Bitfocus is notified, the user will be deactivated on Friday Jan 13th.

There is going to be a 2nd list which shows everyone who has a user account in Clarity. Please review list and see if there is anyone who should be taken off the list. – Notify Bitfocus

Reason – if folks are not using it, they won’t know how to use –DQ issues

We have 500 licenses in the contract

Check in about CDQI Action Items

Continuous DQ

HIC is coming up so we want to make sure that data is accurate.

Extending the due date to review the spreadsheet data to Friday Jan 20, 2017

Link to spreadsheet has name/geocode/inventory type/unit type/target pop/McKinney Vento Funding etc. – Has every agency and program in the spreadsheet.  Please go and review info – it is in Comment Only mode.  If something looks wrong, you can only insert a comment in the cell. Bitfocus will review comments and update if necessary.  If everything looks good – add a comment on AGENCY VERIFIED column or just email Bitfocus.

If program is new and not in the spreadsheet, email Bitfocus

If any program stopped operating in 2016, let Bitfocus know – add comment – or if you have anything that started in January 2017 let them know.

Once you are done adding comments email Bitfocus

Overlapping Housing Services

Message that the client is already housed somewhere else. If another Agency is providing housing and you are trying to enter a housing service – you will get an error message.

If you check-in a nightly service using an attendance tool – it won’t give you an error message.  It is about getting data in a timely manner.  

When checking people in, you go to Attendance – you choose your service.

On left side it says “In Attendance” – you choose the date and you can look up activity

If you look at client profile, look at HISTORY – you will see a SERVICE name – you can look at the details of the service and look at their attendance history.

We want to discuss about overlapping housing services – how often it comes up, the reasons, proposed policy to resolve the issue. (if clients are using substance, they can’t stay at a house, they will go to a shelter.  They will still be enrolled and bed held for 15 days)

A proposed policy – if there are conflicting housing services, use the most recent housing service

Client Summary Report and Calendar

Trying to point out features that people may find useful.

Client Summary Report – shows information about the clients history in Clarity

In Client Profile, there is a Printer ICON under household members.  You will see Client Reports- We are going to see CLNT-125- Client Summary Report.  You will see general information and data based on program enrollment information, housing information, dates, any coordinated assessment information (VI-SPDAT scores, on Community Queue or not, program denials, etc.)

Calendar – you can schedule appointments in Clarity, reminds you of upcoming annual assessments when they are due.

Calendar Icon in HMIS – next to the printer Icon is a “schedule an appointment” icon.  You can make an appointment and it will show up on calendar.

You can link it to your work calendar too – “Subcribe to iCalendar” at the bottom

CASELOAD tab – STATUS DUE will let you know when Assessments are due.

Screenshots are also included for how to access the Summary Report/Calendar

Inclement Weather Data Tracking

For Agencies who have Inclement weather beds – we show how to track clinets for inclement weather. It is an Opt in or Opt out.  Tracking data is optional.  Agencies who decide to track in Clarity should follow Bitfocus instructions.  As in past years, agencies will need to submit their inclement weather numbers to Bob Dolci.  You are tracking the extra beds you set aside for inclement weather.

Cold weather programs are entering data into Clarity