Date: Thursday, January 7th, 2021
Time: 2:00PM– 3:30PM
Place: ZOOM Only Meeting

Agency Admin. Lead and/or Representative in Attendance:

First Name Last Name Agency
Rani Jain Abode Services
Aida Tesfai Abode Services
Aurora Olivares Amigos de Guadalupe: Center for Justice & Empowerment
JoEllen Reece BHSD
Lorena Madrid BHSD
Sujata Panda Bill Wilson Center
Ashley Wynn bitfocus
Anthony Ortiz, Jr. Breakout Prison Outreach
Laura Foster BWC
Julian Delgadillo California Youth Outreach
Consuelo Collard Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
Yvette Avila Center for Employment Training
Simone Berkowitz Community Services Agency
Maria Del Villar community solutions
mark fries Community Solutions
Caroline Mireles-Sailor Conxion to community
Shelby Booker Covenant House California
Ariana Ayala Custody Behavioral Health
Alexander Senegal Destiny Re-Entry/Bibleway Christian Center
Justin Damrel Downtown Streets Team
Alexander Le Family Supportive Housing
Sophie Smith Gardner Health Services
David Marez Good Samaritan Re-entry Center
Rafael Cardoza home
Teresa Moore Schmitz HomeFirst
Alisha Parret HomeFirst
Janette Stokley Housing Choices
Shireen Alinani Housing Choices
Traci Creel HVEHF
Kenya Rawls JobTrain
Cynthia Mar LifeMoves
Mai Nguyen Momentum for Health
Jessica Lwi Move Mountain View
Teresa Garcia New Directions
Rachel Hileman New Directions
Leila Qureishi OSH
Steven Tong OSH
Rebecca Siqueiros OSIT-Whole Person Care
Aiko Yep PATH
Rita Anzualda Pathway Society Inc.
Roseann Martinez Pathway Society,  Inc
Elizabeth Frakes Public Health
Emrica Agossa Roots Community Health Center
Paulina Soto Sacred Heart
Maria Belusar Salvation Army Silicon Valley
Mark Lopez Salvation Army Silicon Valley
Shawna Cagle Santa Clara Family Health Plan
KJ Kaminski SCC – Office of Supportive Housing
Angelica  Holguin  Silicon Valley Independent Living Center
Cindy Parra SJSU Service Navigation
Khoi Nguyen Social Services Agency
Chennan Liu SSA
Jose Macias St. Joseph’s Family Center
Catherine Farry Sunnyvale Community Services
Roxanna Frias Superior Court of California,  Santa Clara County
Hameeda Sharifi Telecare
Daniel Guhl the Salvation Arm
Ngoc Ho THT
Camika thomas VA
Traci Pickett Veterans Housing Facility
Lindsay Cross VHHP
Audrey Bui West Valley Community Services
Guillermo Munoz Whole Person Care
Jade Bradley WVCS
Kerry Lao YWCA Silicon Valley


Slides from the presentation are here:

01. January (21) Agency Admin. Meeting

Please use this link to download slide deck if desired. 


  • CoC|Coordinated Assessment|UPLIFT Updates
  • HMIS Newsletter
  • HIC/PIT Updates
  • SPM Updates
  • Annual Privacy Training Recertification Process
  • Security Compliance Checklist Process
  • LSA
  • Reminders
  • Next Months Meeting

CoC Updates

  • NOFA postponed because of COVID-19
  • Omnibus Bill included language to renew 19 grants for 2021; all ongoing received funding
  • No 2020 NOFA
  • Funding for CoC/ESG 
  • PIT; HUD is providing a waiver, we are considering making a request
  • Will reach out to partners to get a better understanding of any concerns
  • We have strong HMIS data that we can use for n estimations if needed; this is all because of you all 

UPLIFT Updates

  • As of 1/7/2020 there are 1066 Jan-Mar 2021 Passes left for this quarter.

    Friendly Reminder for all providers:

      • This Jan-Mar 2021 quarter, there are no allocation limits, all passes will be offered on a first come, first serve basis for the whole quarter.
      • The replacement period will start on Feb 1st.
      • Before making your request, check your client’s HMIS ROI (Release of Information) to ensure it is valid
        • If client did not consent to have a photo posted, DO NOT upload a photo of the client
        • All 5 pages of the ROI must be uploaded for ROI to be valid
  • Requests with Invalid ROIs will not be processed
      • Remember to email the UPLIFT email address  a correction is made to prevent delays

Upcoming: Please note there will be modifications made to the UPLIFT enrollment screen under the UPLIFT ELIGIBILITY AND REFERRAL SECTION.  A notification when these changes go into effect will be sent out.

Please note the SCC UPLIFT Upcoming Calendar Schedule: 

If there are changes who your UPLIFT Point of Contact is – please inform us @

For all UPLIFT related inquiries please email

HMIS Newsletter

Santa Clara HMIS News, December 2020

Welcome to the Santa Clara County HMIS Newsletter! In this edition you’ll find the following:

  • That Time Again! 2020 HUD System Performance Measure Reporting
  • New Features in Clarity Human Services
  • Report Spotlight [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
  • 2021 Privacy & Security Retraining
  • Upcoming Events
  • Bitfocus is Hiring!

Web link to the newsletter

HIC/PIT Updates

PIT Count

Based on health risks from the pandemic and insufficient volunteer recruitment, we are leaning towards requesting a waiver for the unsheltered Point in Time Count this year. We will plan to conduct a full unsheltered Count and survey in January 2022.  Many counties in the Bay Area have already requested a waiver for the Count.

We will be reaching out to the cities this week to make sure they are on board with this decision and hope to finalize our decision this week.

SPM Updates

  • Annual HUD report that measures CoC’s performance as a coordinated system
  • Unlike other HUD reports, System Performance Measures analyze clients across programs.
  • Measures include:
      • Length of time homeless
      • Returns to homelessness within 2 years
      • Number of homeless persons
      • Income growth (CoC funded projects only)
      • Number of persons who become homeless for the first time
      • Successful exits to, and retention of permanent housing 
  • Report Date Range: 10/1/2019 – 9/30/2020
  • Report Due to HUD: 3/1/2021

What to Expect for Next Several Weeks

  • The Bitfocus team is reviewing the current year’s performance and data quality
  •  We may reach out to your agency to address data quality issues related to:

  • Be on the lookout for emails from us
  • You can also help by reviewing your program’s data for:
  • Accurate household set-up 
  • Appropriate exits in Clarity for discharged clients
  • Housing Move-in Dates for clients in housing

Annual Privacy Training Recertification Process-Timeline

Security Compliance Checklist

  • Submission deadline is Jan 31st, 2021
  • This submission should include certification for all staff members who access HMIS
  • Self certification form is optional and available on our website
  • Only the final checklist needs to be submitted to

SCC HMIS Quarterly Compliance Certification Checklist

Link To Full Announcement

LSA Updates

  • COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN: Due Friday, January 15th, 2020
  • Finalizing clean-up of warnings/flags within the next week
      • If you hear from us, we appreciate you getting back to us as soon as possible
  • Overlapping Enrollments
      • A huge thank you to all of you that have been working diligently at getting these records cleaned up
  • We would like to recognize Teresa Schmidt, Aida Tesfai, Laura Foster, Alex Le and Daniel Guhl for making their continuous efforts in getting these fixed – WE APPRECIATE YOU! 


Office Hours

Conducted from the comfort of your own office! Each Office Hours session is hosted online by your Santa Clara County Clarity System Administration team. You can connect using your computer (recommended so that you can see demos and post questions) and/or dial in by phone using the Zoom links provided below.  

Where Are Office Hours Held?

Looker Office Hours

When:  Every other Monday of the month from 2:00pm-3:00pm

Zoom Link:

Clarity (HMIS) Office Hours

When: Every other Thursday  from 10:00am-11:30am 

Zoom Link:

SCC Clarity HMIS Training Site

Want to hone your skills at data entry without compromising actual client data? 

Use the End User Clarity HMIS Training Site

SCC Virtual Suggestion Box

We value your opinion and insight. Please share with us your suggestions by using our new SCC Virtual Suggestion Box. You can access it by using the link above or directly from the HMIS Support page under the CONTACT tab and scrolling to Virtual Suggestion Box option.

Next Agency Admin Meeting

Meeting Location: Zoom Link

When: Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Dates and locations for 2020 meetings are listed on the OSH website:

Bitfocus Contact Information

Support Team:

Bitfocus System Administration Team: 

Trevor Mells (

Lesly Soto Bright (