Date:  Thursday, June 1, 2017
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place:  Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1
Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the meeting can be found here:


Please use this link to download slide deck if desired. 


  1. CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT Updates
  2. Performance Management Work Group and Agency Admin Meeting
  3. New Partner Agency and End User Agreements
  4. 2014 Version of APR Retiring
  5. Current and Upcoming Projects
  6. System Performance Measures Update
  7. Continuous Data Quality Improvement (CDQI)

CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT Updates

  • CoC / Coordinated Assessment
    • In NOFA “watch season” – timeline has not yet been announced by HUD
      • NOFA work has already been done
    • All passes have been given out for Apr-Jun quarter – please do not create anymore UPLIFT requests (new enrollments, status update/annual assessments) for this quarter
    • Start date to request July-Sept passes is 6/16
      • Agencies can receive passes up to their allocation amount until 7/31
      • 8/1 onwards, passes given out on a first-come, first-served basis
    • New reports available for UPLIFT
        • For Agency Managers who have UPLIFT access (let Bitfocus know if your agency needs help getting access)
        • OSH runs the same / similar reports to monitor allocations and which clients have received replacement badges or stickers
        • How to run reports
            • Go to Reports Library
            • Click Data Analysis tab
          • Under Santa Clara County HMIS Reports section, click “Run” next to the report you would like to view
        • UPLIFT Percent Allocated by Agency
          • Shows number of stickers given out in current quarter by agency, including:
              • Clients with an UPLIFT sticker (Clients Number of Clients)
              • Stickers given out (Service Attendance Dates Count)
              • Allocation (1st month Allotment)
            • Percent of allocation used (Percent Utilized)
        • UPLIFT Clients with More than One Badge or Sticker
            • Report lists clients who have received 2+ badges or 2+ stickers in the same quarter, including
                • Client ID
                • Client Name
                • UPLIFT Program Name
                • Number of badges received that quarter (Badge: Service Attendance Dates Count)
              • Number of stickers received that quarter (Sticker: Service Attendance Dates Count)
          • Use the Programs Name filter to find clients at your agency
              • Edit Programs Name filter and add the name of your agency’s UPLIFT program
            • Hit “Run”
        • Reports currently show Apr-Jun results, but reports for July-Sept quarter will be available mid-June
      • Let Bitfocus know if you have suggestions for useful reports

Performance Management Work Group and Agency Admin Meeting

  • Performance Management Work Group
    • Sets goals for the community (performance targets) and reviews measures such as:
      • Length of time homeless
      • Income changes
      • PIT count
      • Returns to homelessness
    • Meets quarterly
  • Some Agency Admins attend the Performance Management Work Group as well as the Agency Admin meeting – overlap is growing
  • Want input about whether Agency Admin and Performance Management Work Group should be combined
    • Proposed format:
      • Monthly meetings, but every quarter the Agency Admin meeting would have a Performance Management focus for part of the meeting
      • Quarterly meeting would include additional attendees
      • Date change for Performance Management Work Group (currently 4th Thursday of the month)
      • Make the change after the August Performance Management Work Group meeting (most likely December’s meeting)
    • Feedback:
      • Keeping and shortening Agency Admin meeting (maybe 1 hour) as more administrative focused would be better than combining the meeting
      • Meetings could be back-to-back (same date & location), with a break between, but should not be the same meeting
      • Sometimes different people need to attend each meeting depending on the agency
    • Let Bitfocus know if you have more feedback

New Partner Agency and End User Agreements

  • New forms being reviewed & finalized
    • Agency agreement
    • End User agreement
  • Will include Coordinated Entry items (based on Coordinated Assessment Working Group)
    • Similar to client confidentiality that makes it clear that the user is agreeing to guidelines / policy for Coordinated Entry
    • Mainly focused on items covered in VI-SPDAT training (e.g. don’t change wording of the questions, ask questions in the order they are presented, etc)
    • Decided to combine this with existing agreements instead of having a second form that users need to sign
  • Each agency and user will need to sign a new agreement
    • Looking to roll out an electronic End User Agreement to make this process easier (depending on County Counsel feedback)
      • Will show up when a user logs into HMIS
  • Recertification
    • Every year, users will be asked to sign the agreement again
    • Required by HUD that users re-attend the client privacy training – that verification will be rolled out with the electronic user agreements
  • More details will be announced at a later date (either July Agency Admin meeting or email)
  • Questions
    • Will the Partner Agency Agreement be digital?
      • Hoping to have this be electronic
      • Usually signed by Executive Director
  • Next steps
    • Let your agency know that a new agency agreement will be coming – contact Hilary from OSH with questions

2014 Version of APR Retiring

  • HUD released new specifications for the Annual Performance Report (APR)
    • Required for CoC-funded programs
    • For NOFA, HomeBase uses the 2014 version – Bitfocus will make sure they are aware of the deadline
    • Often used by agencies to get information about their programs
  • [HUDX-120] Annual Performance Report [OCT2014] will be deactivated on August 1 (will no longer appear as an option)
  • From now until August 1, the 2014 report will no longer be supported
    • No updates will be made to the report
    • Will not be updated to meet Data Standards changes coming later this year
  • Please use the new version of the APR: [HUDX-226] Annual Performance Report [2017]
    • Available in web format (for drilldowns), PDF, and Excel (to convert into CSV format)
    • Generally the same information, slightly different format
    • For CoC-funded programs, this version is already required for APR submissions through Sage

Current and Upcoming Projects

  • Overview of projects we are working on
  • June
    • HUD System Performance Measures (SPM) due 6/5
      • Complete, but waiting on OSH to hit “Submit”
    • Point In Time (PIT) Report released end of the month
  • July – Sept
    • Launch of new Homeless Prevention programming
      • New grants
      • Participating agencies will have new programs and training
    • Standardizing Rapid Rehousing workflow
      • Want to track data for existing RRH programs consistently
      • Tightening up how data is being collected
    • CCP workflow review
      • Workflow will be changing, hopefully will be simpler
      • More details to be announced, but related to new Data Standards
        • Big change – clients can be enrolled into PSH when they are accepted into the program (not when they are housed)
  • Oct
    • New Data Standards go live Oct 1
      • Will be going over changes in depth at a later Agency Admin meeting
      • Data Manual (which gives more context of changes from a programmatic standpoint) not yet released
  • Nov
    • Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) due (exact date TBA)
      • Usually due end of Nov / early Dec
  • Bitfocus will be training / retraining users who are affected by these changes

System Performance Measures Update

  • The HUD System Performance Measures report was last month’s focus for the Continuous Data Quality Improvement (CDQI) Process
  • Thank you to everyone for your help in reviewing and correcting data quality!
  • Report is due on 6/5 (originally due 5/31, but HUD extended the deadline)
    • Data has been entered, waiting to submit
  • Information covered
    • System Performance Measures for 10/1/2015-9/30/2016
    • Data Quality for 4 federal fiscal years of data (10/1/2012-9/30/2016)
    • FY15 (10/1/2014-9/30/2015) data was resubmitted
  • Highlight on Data Quality
    • Data quality review from last month improved exit destination data quality significantly (by 3-4%) for Transitional Housing and Rapid Rehousing programs
    • Exit destination data quality has been improving each year for almost all program types
      • Errors = No Exit Interview, Data Not Collected, Client Doesn’t Know, Client Refused
      • This year, destination was specifically reported; next year, HUD may look at more data elements
    • CDQI data quality standards – in general should have less that 5% error rate for many data elements (some questions like SSN, destination have higher rates)
    • Street Outreach had low data quality error rates partly because few clients exited, and partly because the data quality report only includes “engaged” clients (not a required question in every fiscal year)

Continuous Data Quality Improvement (CDQI)

  • This month’s focus: Data Completeness
  • Review by next Agency Admin meeting: Demographic and Entry/Exit data
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Race
    • Veteran Status
    • Disabling Condition
    • Residence Prior to Project Start
    • Length of Stay at Prior Place
    • Income
    • Exit Destination
  • Time period to look at: 10/1/2016 – 5/31/2017
  • Reports affected
    • AHAR
      • Covers 10/1/2016 – 9/30/2017
      • For ES & TH
      • Due Nov
    • SPM
      • Covers 10/1/2016 – 9/30/2017
      • For ES, TH, PH, RRH, SO
      • Due next year
    • CoC Local Measures
  • Ways to Check Data Quality
    • [HUD-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
    • Looker Data Quality Report (new option)
    • Reports listed on the CDQI document
      • [HUDX-120] Annual Performance Report [OCT2014] (now being replaced by 2017 version and [HUD-225] Data Quality report)
      • [DQXX-110] Duplicate Clients
      • [DQXX-103] Monthly Staff Report
      • [DQXX-102] Program Data Review
      • [DQXX-105] Monthly Agency Utilization Report
  • Option 1: [HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report
    • In Reports Library, HUD Reports folder
    • Important notes
      • Uses HUD-defined requirements for data quality
      • Required to be used with APRs and SPM
      • Web Page format has drilldown option
  • Option 2: Looker Data Quality Report
    • In Reports Library, Data Analysis tab (in Santa Clara County HMIS folder)
    • Available to Agency Managers (if your agency needs access, please let Bitfocus know)
    • Important notes
      • Shows data quality by client
      • First version of data quality report in Looker, more basic than [HUD-225] HMIS Data Quality Report (Income information not yet included)
      • Use Agency Name and Program Name filters to get your agency’s information
      • Review green “DQ Issues” tabs to see which clients have potential data quality issues to review and correct
  • Data Quality Reminders
    • If the client does not have a valid ROI, please complete one before updating their information
    • Check the full list of options before choosing “Other” (for example, when choosing the client’s exit destination, “Other” does not count as a successful exit)