Date:  Thursday, March 2, 2017
Time:  3:00 – 4:00PM
Place:  Charcot Training Center
2310 North First Street, Suite 102, Room TC1 – San Jose

Slides from the meeting can be found here:


Please use the following link to download slide deck if desired. 


    1. CoC/Coordinated Assessment Updates
    1. UPLIFT
    1. New HMIS Program Request Form
    1. HUD Reporting
  1. CDQI: HIC & PIT

CoC/Coordinated Assessment Updates

  • Upcoming meetings – see listserv emails for more information
    • Training 3/16 Milpitas Sobrato, 8am – Overview of Access Mainstream Benefits (for frontline staff)
    • 3/20 CoC Membership Meeting, 2pm, Learning Partnership
  • Coordinated Assessment
    • VI-SPDAT Subcommittee of Coordinated Assessment Work Group has been meeting and will bring recommendations to the main work group
    • Staff should do another VI-SPDAT for clients who haven’t had a VI-SPDAT in the past year
    • Look in Clarity HMIS before doing VI-SPDAT to see if there is already one created for your clients
    • Working with Bitfocus on customizations to improve Community Queue functionality


  • Start date to request April-June transit passes is Friday, March 17
  • Reminder: If a client has been enrolled in UPLIFT for a year, use the Annual Assessment to request a pass (instead of a Status Assessment)
  • In-Person Trainings:
    • Fri, March 3, 1:30-3pm and Mon, March 6, 1:30-3pm
    • Charcot Training Center (Room 4), 2310 N. First Street, Suite 102, San Jose, CA 95131
    • Sign up at:
    • Bitfocus will contact your agency’s UPLIFT main contact to confirm that training attendees are approved to request UPLIFT for your agency.
    • In-Person Trainings not required – you can also watch the training online
      • Don’t forget to Submit a Certification of Completion!
  • Next quarter: if you are close to hitting your allocation within the first month of the quarter and need more, email the UPLIFT admin ( and OSH will see if your allocation can be increased
  • This quarter (Jan-Mar), there are only 24 passes left (out of 2400 total)

New HMIS Program Request Form

  • Form to request a new program in Clarity is at
    • It is called “HMIS Program Setup Request Form”
  • It is an online Google form – once it is submitted, it is sent to Bitfocus. No need to email the Help Desk as well.
  • Bitfocus will contact the agency if there are additional questions about program setup
  • Why the new form:
    • Agencies that don’t request new programs often may not know what information they need to provide
    • Improved communication between the agency, Bitfocus, and OSH
      • OSH would like to approve the program and can help clarify issues, ask relevant questions
      • OSH program manager and CoC Lead will approve
  • Form asks for information such as:
    • Funding source (important to identify required questions/setup in HMIS)
    • Program Start/End Dates
    • Geocode (HUD code for city/county locations)
    • Program/Site Type
    • Program Contact Information
    • Bed/Unit Inventory
    • Is program part of CCP?
    • Services you’d like to set up for the program
    • Additional notes you’d like Bitfocus to know
  • Smaller changes to services, program inventory, etc – ask the Help Desk
    • Program changes (inventory, set-up) may need to be approved by OSH

HUD Reporting

  • We are working on HUD reports year-round
  • HUD Reporting Deadlines
    • 5/1 – Housing Inventory Count (HIC)
      • 5/1 – Point In Time Count (PIT)
      • Between 5/1-10/31 – NOFA
        • HUD has not released formal timeline – this is an estimate
      • 5/31 – System Performance Measures (SPM)
          • We will have the option to update last year’s submission, and this year’s submission will be due
          • Last year’s submission will be the baseline to compare against for future years to see if we are improving
        • This will be important as HUD will look at this report when determining funding (along with policies and procedures, HMIS data quality). Last year, the CoC received $20M. The SPM scored 81/100 on the CoC NOFA so there is room to improve.
    • After 10/1 – Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR)
  • New Reports Available by 4/1 (will be available in the Report Library)
    • Annual Performance Report (APR)
      • Will be submitted in csv format into new Sage system
      • Can check data quality using current “2014” APR
    • HMIS Data Quality Report
      • Includes overall number of clients
      • Data Quality for Personal Identifying Information (name, DOB, etc)
      • Chronic Homelessness
      • Timeliness
      • Inactive Records (no contact with clients in Outreach/ES Night-by-Night programs for a certain length of time)
      • Request from group:
        • have the report run by user
        • have the report be able to list the detail of which clients need information to correct (so Agency Admins can send the report to users who need to correct)
        • have the ability to transfer a run report to another user within Clarity
        • have a view that shows all the data quality issues by client
    • PATH Annual Report


    • In past months, Bitfocus has asked agencies to verify information for the 2017 HIC
    • This month, we are asking agencies to review HIC and PIT data
    • Agencies will need to verify:
        • Housing Type (Site-Single, Site-Multiple, Tenant-Based)
        • If McKinney-Vento funded, specific funding source
        • Bed/Unit Counts broken out by Household Type (Note: for RRH programs, this equals number of clients/households enrolled and housed on 1/24)
        • Number of beds/units dedicated to Veterans, Chronic Homeless (CH), and Youth
        • Number of beds participating in HMIS
        • Seasonal/Overflow beds
      • PIT – number of clients in the program the night of 1/24
    • PIT information will be pulled from HMIS – if the number is not accurate, then please make sure your data is up-to-date in HMIS
  • OSH will also be viewing this information and signing off on it