Date:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place:  Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1
Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the meeting can be found here:


Please use this link to download slide deck if desired.


  1. CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT Updates
  2. AHAR Submission Update
  3. Clarity Human Services Feature Update
  4. Looker / Reporting Updates and Feedback
  5. User Survey is Coming
  6. HomeFirst’s Continuous Quality Improvement Forum
  7. CDQI
  8. Inclement Weather

CoC Updates – Kathryn

  • Submitted CoC NOFA – Tier 1 and Tier 2
    • 20M in PSH, RRH, a little TH
    • 4 new or expanded projects
    • 17M for grants managed by OSH – mostly gets subcontracted out for Rental Assistance etc.
  • Coordinated Assessment – working with TH to integrate youth and veterans
    • Destination WORK – employment initiative by Destination Home for RRH participants
    • Prevention VI-SPDAT to determine eligibility
    • Justice Discharge VI-SPDAT
    • Crisis response/DV crisis planning
    • Annual Evaluation of Coordinated Entry System – focus groups for North and South County
  • Interactive dashboard is on the way


  • First come first serve basis started on Nov 1

CCP Workflow

  • For those participating in CCP – Workflow training is next Monday – 1-2:30 pm
  • Document translation for various forms – Spanish and Vietnamese – working on getting them onto the HMIS website – Client forms.
  • Forms can also be embedded into the minutes of the meeting.

AHAR Submission

  • Thanks for DQ and submissions
  • First draft submitted on 10/27 – AHAR liaison will be asking questions about data
  • Reviewing questions and addressing any issues.
  • If needed, follow up with agencies on questions
  • Final submission is due on 12/1
  • 13 reports had to submitted

Feature Updates in HMIS

  • Overall to look and feel of system
    • Actual workflow is basically unchanged
    • New icons/font/login screen
    • Add client is more obvious
    • Toggle for yes/no questions
  • Two factor Authentication was added – adding another layer of security – (walk through the process of 2 factor authentication) – All steps are on the slide deck. More documentation will be provided if needed. We need feedback from agencies before starting
    • Concern – “it constantly kicks me out” and wastes time. We can monitor how it is working
    • Bitfocus will be turning it on – any device you use to access HMIS
    • Email option would be preferable to eliminate need of mobile device

Looker/Reporting updates and Feedback

  • HUD required reports – APR, ESG Caper, HMIS data quality report were updated earlier this month to meet new data standard. APR and ESG Caper have (Oct 2017 label)
    • SAGE will not accept the older report versions
    • Process of submitting to Sage is unchanged
    • ESG CAPER must be submitted through Sage
    • Older versions of APR and CAPER will be deactivated soon.
    • Reports can be found in Reports Library under HUD Reports
  • Regular Looker Trainings are now available
    • Data analysis and explore tabs in the report library(looker)
    • Training – schedule a training
    • Encourage folks to register
  • Feedback needed for User Level Reports
    • Open to all – Webinar – reports in main library
    • Would be helpful.
    • Which would be most useful (accounts, list, attendance, etc)

User Survey is coming

How well is Bitfocus doing and HMIS, sent out to all HMIS users, results will be complied and shared with Agency Administrators

HomeFirst’s Continuous Quality Improvement Forum – Elisha

  • Purpose = CARF accreditation for human services.
    • Review progress toward goals, identify challenges, develop strategies, ensure CARF require are on track
    • Agency wide Quality initiative. QA and compliance manager. Went through the types of programs
    • Gathering agency wide data for 3 period – fiscal years.
  • Data points being reviewed:
    • Numbers served, housing rates, length of time to housing
    • Housing status at exit.
    • 50% of services are in emergency shelter
    • Housing categories at Exit – looking at Unknown (sometimes auto exit)
    • Average days to housing – Vets program for RRH – average days to housing for RRH programs
    • Highest for SSVF Priority 2 RRH
    • Length of Service – TH is highest – enrollment date and enrollment exit for each project type
    • Income changes – Average Cash Income at Entry/Exit/Difference
    • Average difference for each pgm type.
  • Guest Satisfaction for Boccardo Regional Center BRC (% who indicated that their basis needs were being met)
    • Questions about Facilities, Rules, safety, Dignity
    • Most common = concern with theft and the stats of the facilities (bathroom, etc)
  • Outcome / action item
    • Need to train ALL of shelter staff

Continuous Data Quality

  • Last few months were focused on AHR
  • Need to start reviewing the Housing Inventory count info
  • Focus on Housing Move in Dates

HIC – conducted annually in Late January – on housing programs (ES/TH, RRH/PSH)

  • Includes HMIS participating and non-participating programs – Like DV
    • Bed/unit capacity
    • Federal funding source
    • HMIS participation
    • Location
  • Feedback on HIC process last year
    • We need to verify HIC data for 2018 – Spreadsheet will be rolled out around December 2017
    • If Shelter – you have to provide the entire address.- Requests will be sent out to verify spreadsheet information for 2018 HIC.
    • Any additional HUD fields this year?
      • New housing type question (site based, tenant based, project type)
      • One is based off of zip codes (rural or urban)
  • If you have any ES/TH/RRH/PSH programs that have come up recently or coming up and you haven’t informed Bitfocus, please do.  If any have stopped, please inform.
  • Continuous DQ improvement – programs that are PSH (RRH, PSH, etc)
    • Need to fill out housing move in date for RRH/PSH – on status/entry/exit. Most likely area is the status assessment screen.
    • Looker report – Housing Move in date review – in Reports library in Data Analysis tab.
      • Demonstration of Housing Move in date Looker report.
    • For PSH programs: Housing move in date was auto-filled for clients enrolled before October 1, 2017
  • Reminder about Exit destination!
    • “OTHER” option – Only use Other the client’s destination does not match any of the drop down categories. Enter the actual destination even if it’s not a good outcome.  Moving out of state – should not be an OTHER exit category.  If you know where the client went, choose the outcome.


Inclement Weather

  • If your agency is participating, HMIS is available to track your clients and report out each night.
  • Agencies have to submit their numbers to Michelle.  If you are interested in tracking through HMIS, please let Bitfocus know.