Date: Thursday, November 7th, 2019
Time: 2:00PM– 3:30PM
Place: San Jose Public Library @ Pearl Avenue, Community Room
4270 Pearl Ave. San José, CA 95136

Agency Admin. Lead and/or Representative in Attendance:

Name Agency Name
Channy Singh Abode Services
Beatriz orozco Amigos de Guadalupe
Ingrid granados Amigos de Guadalupe
Alex Senegal Bible Way/Destiny Re-Entry
Laura Foster BWC
Nicole Fargo Nosich Community Services Agency
Maria Del Villaar Community Solutions
Lindsay Cross County: SCVHHS – Ambulatory
Rebecca Siqueiros County: SCVHHS – Ambulatory -WPC
Cristina Trujillo Family & Children Services
Alexander Le Family Supportive Housing
Angela Ramos Gardner DTRC
Julies Nguyen Goodwill
Rosalva Martinez Goodwill
Teresa Schmitz HomeFirst
Tina Sentner Horizon Services, Inc MSSC
Jan Stokley Housing Choices
Liz Lucas Lifemoves
Baldeep pabla New Directions
Teresa Garcia New Directions
Kathryn Kaminski OSH
Leila qureishi OSH
Steven Tong OSH
Ariana Ayala OSH Main Jail/Elmwood
Iris Quiroz PATH
Rita anzualda Pathway Society
Paulina Soto Sacred Heart Community Service
Kristen Gimenez Salvation Army
Linh Trinh Santa Clara Social Services
Debra Dugan Santa Clara Superior Court
Lorna Lindo SCVHHS Valley Homeless
Lourdes Rivera SCVMC
Catherine Farry Sunnyvale Community Services
Thao Nguyen The Health Trust
Sean Guess Work2future
Janessa Villarruel Gilroy Compassion Center
Bryan Leung HealthRight 360 – Asian American Recovery Services
Emrica Agossa Roots Community Health Center
Jade Bradley West Valley Community Services


Slides from the presentation are here:

11. November 2019 Agency Admin. Meeting

Please use this link to download slide deck if desired. 


  • CoC|Coordinated Assessment|UPLIFT Updates
  • HMIS Newsletter
  • Special Guest Speaker: Beatriz Orozco & Ingrid Granados

Amigos de Guadalupe Center for Justice and Empowerment

  • Customization of HMIS|Feature Enhancements
  • Report Updates
  • Federal Reports: System Performance Measures
  • Reminders
  • Next Months Meeting

CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT

CAWG Meeting

  • Thursday, November 14th, 1-2:30pm.  All are welcome.


As of 11/6/19 there are 201 (Two-Hundred one) Oct-Dec’19 quarter stickers left for this quarter.

  • Reminder to all providers: Before making your request, check your client’s HMIS ROI (Release of Information) to ensure it is valid
  • Remember to email the UPLIFT email address, once a correction is made to prevent delays
  • Pooled-Sticker period has started. All remaining stickers will be offered to all Agencies, first comes first served.
  • Please do NOT pre-date or back-date the referral.  Enter the date as you are physically in front of the computer to enter or update our clients’ information.
  • If you received an email for Allocation Limit, please do the following to complete your UPLIFT requests:
  • If you request for an UPLIFT Pass via New Enrollment
    • Update your client’s UPLIFT Program Enrollment date to or after 11/1/19
  • If you request for UPLIFT Pass via Status Assessment
    • Update your Client’s UPLIFT Status assessment date to on or after 11/1/19
  • Replacement period has started.  Please do NOT pre-date or back-date the referral.
  • Please follow step by step instructions starting on page 19 of the Handbook.
  • Please remember to email the reason(s) for a replacement request or it won’t be processed.
  • Bad Example email detailing reason client lost badge:
  • “Hello, Client, HMIS# ABCDEFG lost their badge and needs a replacement thank you”
  • Good Example email detailing reason client lost badge:
  • “Client, HMIS# ABCDEFG came to the office stating that his bus pass was stolen on MMDD. He is currently homeless and stated that he got really tired and fell asleep in the park and when he woke up his belongings were stolen including his bus pass. He and I explored different options including getting him a lanyard or a badge holder to prevent re-occurrence.”
  • Last day of the Oct-Dec’19 quarter is Dec 12th, 2019. Jan-Mar’20 Quarter begins Dec 13th

HMIS Newsletter

October 2019 Newsletter included:

  • 2020 Data Standards
  • Report Updates for 2020 Data Standards and More
  • Data Quality Check – How to Review Missing Data
  • New Resources: ROI Frequently Asked Questions, Name Change Requests and Office Hours
  • Report Spotlight: [EXIT-101] Potential Exits
  • Upcoming Events

Web link to the newsletter

Special Guest Speaker: Beatriz Orozco & Ingrid Granados

Amigos de Guadalupe Center for Justice and Empowerment


Topics Discussed by Guest Speakers included the following:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Why Mayfair?
  • Education
  • Summer Camp
  • Additional Education Programs
  • Immigration (Services)
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Housing
  • Safe Park

Contact Information

Address: 1897 Alum Rock Ave., #35, San Jose, CA 95116

Phone: (408)341-6080


HOURS: M-F: 9:00am – 5:00pm


*Please note slide deck provides Safe Parking Data (visualizations). 

HMIS Feature Enhancements

Feature Enhancements are noteworthy improvements, changes and/or modifications to Clarity’s functionality that make something possible (sometimes easier) that was once challenging for the End User. 

Currently we are in the process of reviewing twelve (12) requests; each was a suggestion made by End Users at various meetings (e.g., CAWG|Outreach Meeting|Agency Admin. Meeting|OSH UPLIFT|PMWG and DEW).

The Feature Enhancements Tracker-provides a list of Enhancements already added as well as the list of pending suggestions by using this link

Suggestions for additions are always welcomed and can be done through the use of the Virtual Suggestion Box. 

Report Updates


[HUDX-225] HMIS Data Quality Report [FY 2020]

[HUDX-228] ESG CAPER [FY 2020]

[HUDX-227] Annual Performance Report [FY 2020]

[HUDX-224] PATH Annual Report [Oct 2019 Update]

[HUDX-223-AD] HUD System Performance Measures 

[HUDX-111] HUD CSV / XML Program Data Export

CSV Version 2020.1.6 – Updated and ready for use

 XML – Specifications from HUD received on Friday, 10/4. 

Beta version is prepared,but still being reviewed

Other Updated Reports

*[GNRL-220] Program Details Report [2019] 

This report now includes the new current living situation assessments

[HSNG-104] Monthly Housing Report 

Updated to pull inventory information from program screens 

[HSNG-105] Weekly Housing Census 

Updated to pull inventory information from program screens  

[DQXX-107-AD] SHP-HMIS Report

This report will be updated to pull inventory information from program screens and also updated to current standards by 11/1/2019

[CLNT-125] Client Summary 

*Use [GNRL 220] for Current Living Situation Information


Reports in PROGRESS

[HUDX-123-AD] Housing Inventory (HIC) Updating the HIC to work with 2020 data standards is scheduled to be complete by 11/15

[HUDX-230-AD] Shelter Count PIT 

PIT should be completed by 11/15

*[CLNT-127] Homeless Status Timeline Updates are in progress


Reports Pending Updated HUD Specs

*[HUDX-233] Client-Level System Use & Length of Time Homeless Report

[HUDX-231] LSA Export



[HSNG-101] Housing Census [Service Based] 

This report will be retired on 11/1/2019

Please use [HSNG-108] Housing Census [Program Based] for the most accurate housing census information

*Please note reports will be updated to include data from Current Living Situation Assessment. 

Federal Reports: System Performance Measures

Federal Reports are coming! HUD released a new Federal Reporting Calendar this year.


Agency Admin. Meeting Requirement

  • Must participate in 7 in-person meetings (Zoom does not count)
  • If you cannot make it, please send a representative (who uses HMIS)
  • Countdown began with the meeting in September

Clarity HMIS & Looker Office Hours

At this time we are offering two different types:

  1. Looker Office Hours
    • Ongoing support 
    • Space to ask general questions
    • Receive assistance on questions you may have about a Looker related report or a report you want to create
    • Other questions as they arise
  2. Clarity (HMIS) Office Hours
    • Ongoing support 
    • Assistance with running reports
    • Ask questions related to data entry
    • Or maybe a refresher on data entry
    • Other questions as they arise

Report Reminder: [SCC-104-AD] ROI Compliance Report

  • Use this report to ensure clients have an uploaded ROI

Import Documents/Guides

Agency Lead: Gentle Reminders

  • Please be sure to notify Bitfocus when an Agency Lead staff person changes or is no longer working at your agency
  • If you have a designated person who is attending the Agency Leads, please let us know so that we can add them to the contact list

Using the Helpdesk ( 

  • Reassignment of Caseload when Agency Staff leave
  • Data Corrections
  • Merging of Duplicate clients
  • Deletion of Enrollments|Services|Case Notes etc.
  •  De-identifying a client (anonymous client) entry

SCC Virtual Suggestion Box

We value your opinion and insight. Please share with us your suggestions by using our new SCC Virtual Suggestion Box. You can access it by using the link above or directly from the HMIS Support page under the CONTACT tab and scrolling to Virtual Suggestion Box option.

Next Agency Admin Meeting


When: Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Meeting Location: Berger Auditorium

155 Berger Dr. Bldg. #2 San Jose, CA 95112 

Dates and locations for 2019 meetings are listed on the OSH website:

Bitfocus Contact Information

Bitfocus System Administration Team: 

Janel Fletcher ( )

Alison Wilson ( )

Lesly Soto ( )

Support Team: