Date:  Thursday, October 6, 2016
Time:  1:30 – 3:30PM
Place:  Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1

Milpitas, CA 95035

Slides from the meeting can be found here:


Please use this link to download slide deck if desired.


  1. Celebrating 1 Year with Clarity!
  2. CoC/Coordinated Entry/UPLIFT Updates
  3. AHAR Reporting has begun: What to expect over the next few weeks
  4. Discussion of new HUD Data Standards that took effect 10/1/16
  5. Review of Changes to Clarity (not-related to Data Standards)
    • Updates to the Assessment Tab, history of assessments
    • Modified Intake of Date of Birth and Age Calculation
  6. Continuous Data Quality Improvement Process: We’re off and running!


  • Annual HUD report to Congress about Homelessness
    • AHAR is mandated by Congress, reporting on status of homelessness in the country
    • National statistics on homelessness
    • Used by Congress for congressional appropriations for funding for homeless programs
    • Data break outs include individuals, families, veterans, prior living situation, length of stay, etc…
  • Point in Time Count, Housing Inventory Chart
  • Bitfocus has done a lot of work on data quality, but there will be a review of data in the system
    • Bitfocus will contact if data clarification or corrections needed
    • Bitfocus will be doing most of the reviewing, but if requests are needed, they will be urgent
    • Bitfocus will be reviewing draft AHAR reports, including TH and PSH
    • Bitfocus will also analyze data quality, compared to prior years, or other anomalous data (timeliness, current data, null data, data not collected, data refused, client doesn’t know in excess of 5% threshold
  • Clarity report – if agencies want to see their own data
    • For Transitional & Housing Programs use: [HUDX-202] Program Based Annual Homeless Assessment Report [AHAR]
    • Shelters use [HUDX104]
    • There is a separate reports for shelters. Make sure to run the correct report!
    • Reporting period 10/01/15 – 09/30/16


  • HUD released an update to the HMIS Data Standards – new Standards took effect on October 1, 2016
    • As of 10/03, new questions are now in Clarity
    • As of 10/09, the CSV 4.1 report is going offline
    • As of 10/10, old dropdowns will be removed, adjustments to PATH/RHY service and referral categories will be made, CSV 5.1 online
  • New forms online on SCC HMIS site (
    • Not required to use, but available
  • Double check new client enrollments on 10/01-10/02, and make sure to update as needed
  • Don’t need to go in and back data active clients, However, next time you work on a client’s program enrollment, double check:
    • Living Situation for accuracy
    • Update Disabling Condition for children
  • Key highlights for changes
    • Gender
    • Disabling Condition for children
    • Health Insurance
    • Living Situation
      • Updated workflow in Clarity; auto populates required questions based on Type of Residence
      • If you use paper form, some data will not be needed in Clarity, based on enrollment type
    • Program specific changes for RRH, SSVF, PATH, and RHY programs
      • Agencies have already been contacted, but if contact Bitfocus with questions

CHANGES TO CLARITY – Feature updates

  • Assessment Tab
    • Assessment History section are now color coded for VI-SPDAT types
    • Eligibility button
  • Modified Intake of DOB and age calculation
    • Quality of DOB now listed first, followed by DOB


  • Detailed at last month’s Work Group meeting
    • Process details posted on website in Announcements side bar
  • Key highlights
    • Data Quality – missing values is only a part of data quality. Data Completeness and Data Quality are both important (e.g. name value is there AND name is spelled correctly)
    • Process outlines Roles & Responsibilities for Bitfocus and Agencies/Agency Admins
    • Agencies and staff should conduct quarterly data quality evaluations; recommended reports to run and evaluate:
      • HUDX-120
      • DQXX-110
      • DQXX-103
      • DQXX-102
      • DQXX-105
    • Reports can identify problem areas
    • Some of these reports are already automatically emailed to Admins on the 15th of the month.