Date: Thursday, September 6th, 2018
Time:  2:30 – 3:30PM
Place: Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1
Milpitas, CA 95035

Data Literacy Institute, HMIS Data In Action 1:30 – 2:30

Slides from the presentation are here:

9. Sept Q1 - DLI Agency Managers (final)

HMIS Agency Admin Meeting 2:30 – 3:30

Slides from the meeting can be found here:

9. Sept Agency Admin Meeting

Please use this link to download slide deck if desired. 

Link to the August newsletter


    1. CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT / Bitfocus Updates
    1. HMIS Newsletter
    1. Report Deadlines
    1. CCP Data Quality Reports
    1. Coordinated Assessment: Denying Referrals
    1. Data Literacy Institute: Feedback and Embedded Dashboards
  1. CDQI: Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) Report

CoC / Coordinated Assessment / UPLIFT Updates

HUD CE Data Elements Discussion

HUD has released some proposed data elements for the Coordinated Entry process that include HMIS data collection requirements and recommended reports.

Communities have the opportunity to provide feedback to HUD by Oct 1.

OSH would like to review the proposed feedback with agencies and gather feedback to submit to HUD. This discussion will take place during the Coordinated Assessment Work Group on Thurs, Sept 13 from 1-2:30pm. Location: The Health Trust, 3180 Newberry Dr, Unit 200, San Jose, CA  95118.

Please send an agency representative to this meeting who is familiar with the CE process and HMIS data collection!

Clarity Connect Conference

Bitfocus is holding our first Clarity Connect conference this year from November 19-20 in Las Vegas!


    • Hands-on Clarity training
    • In-depth policy, coordinated entry, and data analysis training
    • Meet the Bitfocus Team
  • Collaborate and mingle with fellow leaders in the HMIS space

Registration link will be posted in the Agency Admin minutes

Note: Clarity Connect is an allowable training expense for HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) and Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program grantees. Grantees attending who are funded by HUD should maintain a proof of attendance and a copy of the final Clarity Connect 2018 Agenda for their files.

CoC Updates

    • All 2500 UPLIFT Stickers were distributed for the Jul-Sept ’18 quarter
      • Congrats to all our partners
    • Oct-Dec ’18 quarter will begin September 14th, 2018.
      • Requests for the Oct-Dec quarter can be made on or after Sept 14th
    • Oct-Dec’18 Pool Sticker period & Replacement period begins : 11/1/2018
    • An update UPLIFT user handbook can be found :
  • We are wrapping up the NOFA process – Consolidated Application with final project listing will be posted on the CoC website by the 12th.
  • State funding opportunities – There are several state funding opportunities available to the County or the CoC.  The CoC is meeting with CEOs next week to get feedback on funding priorities.  Contact Kathryn Kaminski ( if you have any questions.
  • Coordinated Assessment Workgroup Meeting is next Thursday

HMIS Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter included:

    • LSA Prep
    • Merging vs Deleting Clients
    • Data Quality Lab
    • Data Literacy Institute – Reporting Resources
    • Report Spotlight: Program Details Report
  • Upcoming Events

Web link to the newsletter will available in the Agency Admin meeting minutes,

Report Deadlines

Report: APR / CAPER
Submission Deadline: Rolling, depending on your grant year
Notes: All submissions in Sage after 10/1 will use the 2018 version of the report

Report: PATH Annual Report
Submission Deadline: December 31
Notes: Will be a CSV export instead of manual entry

Report: SSVF Upload (CSV 6.11)
Submission Deadline: Sept 1 – 9, Oct 1 – 9

Report: RHY Upload (CSV 6.12)
Submission Deadline: TBD

CCP Data Quality Reports

  • Bitfocus emailed Agency Administrators for agencies who provide Intensive Case Management (ICM) services as part of CCP
  • Users with an Agency Manager license can access the reports through the Data Analysis tab in Clarity, in the Santa Clara County HMIS Reports folder
  • Run the “CCP Data Quality Dashboard”

Running the Report

The dashboard will include instructions on how to run the reports and download them. PDF instructions were also sent.

3 reports are included:

  • All Enrollments – use as a program roster
  • CCP Objectives – monitor CCP income/medical home/behavioral health services
  • Housing Service – monitor housing location services

Coordinated Assessment: Denying Referrals

General Guidelines for Denying Referrals

If your program accepts referrals through HMIS as part of Coordinated Assessment:

    • Always check with the OSH MatchMaker before denying a referral:
        • PSH – Shelly Barbieri
        • RRH – Jessica Orozco
      • TH – Mona Guerrero
  • When denying a referral:
      • Choose Send to Community Queue = “Yes” (unless you are instructed not to by the OSH Program Manager)
      • Try to choose the Denied Reason that best fits the situation
    • If you’d like to add a note that will help the OSH MatchMaker for future referrals (for the client or for your program), add it in the Denied Message section


Denied Reasons have been reviewed by the OSH MatchMakers, and will be adjusted to include additional categories

When a referral is denied, the autogenerated Clarity notice will include next steps (if any) that users should take if they are still in contact with the client, or if the client returns in the future for services

Email Notifications for Denied Referrals

    • If client could not be located…
      • … if you are in contact with the client, make sure their Location and VI-SPDAT information is up-to-date
    • If client is currently incarcerated…
      • …. if the client returns for services in future and is homeless, make sure their Location information is up-to-date and conduct a new VI-SPDAT
  • If client was denied due to lack of eligibility…
    • … make sure their VI-SPDAT information is up-to-date

Data Literacy Institute: Feedback and Embedded Dashboards

Embedded Dashboards

Would be available to all Agency Managers when they first log in to Clarity (and accessible through a Dashboard option near the Search tab)

Looking for 2-3 agencies to help preview and test out a default dashboard

Looking for feedback today as well!

Upcoming DLI Workshops

Agency Staff:

    • Tue, Feb 12, 9:30-11:30am | Statistics, Charts, and Graphs | In person
  • May (TBD) | Data Quality

Agency Manager:

    • Thurs, Nov 1, 1:30-2:30pm | Planning for Data Requests
    • Thurs, Feb 7, 1:30-2:30pm | How to Tell Your Story
  • Thurs, May 2, 1:30-2:30pm | Data Quality

Location and dial in same as HMIS Agency Admin meetings

CDQI: Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) Report

LSA Background

In the past, CoCs would submit the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) on an annual basis. The AHAR is a national-level report that provides information about homeless service providers and people and households experiencing homelessness. It informs strategic planning for federal, state, and local initiatives designed to prevent and end homelessness.

This year, HUD has redesigned the AHAR report and replaced it with the Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) report. The LSA will be due in late Nov / early Dec and cover the federal fiscal year of 10/1/17 – 9/30/18.

Over the next few months, we will be asking agencies to review their data to prepare for the LSA.

LSA Overview

    • Includes five project types: ES/SH/TH (reported as a combined group), RRH, and PSH
    • Focuses on adults and heads of household – age is the only demographic reported for non-heads of household under 18
    • Report includes data on demographics, length of time homeless, information on specific populations such as veterans and chronically homeless persons, housing outcomes
    • Includes not just the federal fiscal year, but includes some historic data prior to the FY as well
  • The LSA is a much larger report than the AHAR and requires the upload of a csv file instead of manually entering the data (for example, one table in the LSA is about 4 times the size of the entire AHAR report)

This Month, Continued Focus On: Project Inventory

Let Bitfocus know if:

There have been any changes to your bed / unit inventory since the HIC/PIT (or your last update):

    • What the new bed inventory is
  • What was the date of the inventory change

Any programs ended or started:

  • If the program ended, the end date (please make sure all clients are exited from the program!)
  • If the program started, please fill out the Program Request Form ( )

This Month, Continued Focus On:

    • Household Review
    • Move-In Date for PSH and RRH projects
    • Exit Destination
  • Income

This review will help both the System Performance Measures and LSA for the year covering 10/1/17 to 9/30/2018

Additional Notes

Bitfocus is preparing to send specific data quality reports to Agency Administrators, in preparation for the LSA. Please look out for these requests via email this month!

Households Review

Run the [GNRL-106] Program Roster for the period of 10/1/17 to 6/30/18

Review the household groups:

    • If you notice that clients are missing, add them to the household.
  • If clients should be grouped together, contact the Help Desk

Housing Move-In Date

Run the [GNRL-106] Program Roster for the period of 10/1/17 to 6/30/18

For PSH and RRH programs, check the Housing Move-In Date

    • If household moved into housing and the Housing Move-In Date is “undefined”, the Housing Move-In Date needs to be added
  • If the Housing Move-In date is not accurate (e.g. is before the program start date), it should be updated

Destination and Income

  1. Run the [HUD-225] HMIS Data Quality Report for your programs
  2. Review Q4 (Destination and Income)

Destination: What to look for


On the Program End screen, “Destination” is:

    • Client doesn’t know
    • Client refused
    • No exit interview completed
    • Data not collected
  • Missing

How to fix:

If the client’s exit destination is known, update the “Destination” on the Program End screen

Income at Entry/Exit: What to look for

Possible Issues:

  1. “Income from Any Source”  is:
  • Client doesn’t know
  • Client refused
  • Data not collected
  • Missing


  1. “Income from Any Source” is Yes, but no specific income sources are checked

How to fix:

    1. On the Enrollment or End screens, update “Income from Any Source” question
  1. If a client does receive income, make sure to report the type of income (and the amount)

Income at Annual Assessment

Possible Issues:

Same issues as Income at Entry or Income at Exit


Annual Assessment is not entered correctly

How to fix Annual Assessment:

  1. If the client has been in the program for more than a year, make sure an Annual Assessment was completed

Make sure Annual Assessment is dated within 30 days before / after the anniversary of program entry

Next Month’s Meeting Time and Location

Next Agency Admin Meeting: Thurs, Oct 4 from 2:30-3:30pm

At our regular meeting location: Sobrato Conference Center, Milpitas
600 Valley Way, Room 1
Milpitas, CA 95035

The Performance Management Work Group will take place right before it, from 1:30-2:30pm, in the same location.

Dates and locations for 2018 meetings are listed on the OSH website: